In this web site you will be able to express agreement or disagreement about different activities or events. You will be able to make formal and informal invitations, both orally and in writing. You will also be able to accept or decline them.  you may totally agree with what the other person says, or you may partially agree with reservation.
On the other hand, you may mildly or even strongly disagree with the other person. What can you say in each of thesesituations? Some common expressions that you can use in these situations are listed in the table below.
Finally, you will be able to plan social or cultural events in advance. As an independent learner, it is recommended that you keep track of your own learning progress, you will work on the project called “Planning a celebration!” This project focuses on different stages or phases you must do in order to plan a family, social, or cultural event in detail. To fulfill this project you will have to keep in mind the exact number of guests that will be invited, the quality and quantity of food and drinks you want to provide, party favors to give out, the number of tables and chairs that will be required, as well as a budget for all of the expenses of this event.



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