Subject Negative verb or auxiliary Rejoider
I don´t either
I am not either
She can´t either

Study the following examples.

Statement Negative response
I cannot speak French.  I can’t either.
I don’t eitherI am not studying economics I don’t either
She doesn’t like the celebration  She doesn’t either.


B. “Too” is used in positive sentences to add an agreeing thought. It usually comes at the end of the response. When you use “too” in a short response,place the words in the following order:                                                                                        


Subject Verb or auxiliary Rejoider
I Do Too
I Am Too
She Can Too



 Study the following examples:



Statement Positive Response
 I am Salvadoran.  I am too.
I can speak English.


 I can too.
 He is a good worker.  He is too.
 She celebrates her birthdaysin her favorite restaurant  She does